Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tokyo Gore Police

Review by: The Bone Breaker

In the same vein as Iguchi's The Machine Girl [which, in my opinion, is a better movie] Tokyo Gore Police is a fast-paced gore fest!

The film starts off in a futuristic Japanese utopian society, where the police force is a corporation. At the very beginning of the film, the police are attempting to take out a chainsaw wielding maniac, when Ruka [who we find out is an "engineer hunter"] shows up. All of the action is taking place, high up in an abandoned building, so what does Ruka do? She takes a bazooka and places it, barrel-down against the ground, so that when she fires it, the force launches her up into the building. . . I kid you not - this is the type of insane, crazy action that fills this film! :-)

The film has excess amounts of arterial blood-spray [just wait till you see what Ruka does to a guy who grabs her butt!] and over-the-top gore! [If you enjoyed The Machine Girl, then you should have no problem with this film!]

There are also bizarre commercials interspersed throughout the film [think Robocop & Starship Troopers] These commercials however are out there! [for instance, there is one for stylish "wrist-cutters" that come in three different colors, and another one for remote control - think Wii - execution!]

What really sets this film apart though, are the "mutants"! Just to give you an idea, there is a girl with a penis for a nose - a snail girl - a woman with a crocodile mouth where her vagina should be - and a man whose penis is lopped off, and in it's place grows an enormous shotgun penis. . . I am not joking! [oh yeah, there is also a woman whose breasts squirt out acid!]

This is one warped film! [definitely not for the squeamish!]

Also, during the end credits, the film states: more gore coming soon [in case this excites anyone] :-)


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