Monday, February 23, 2009

Storm Warning

Review by The Bone Breaker

Another recommendation from my neighbor. . .

This one is an Australian film that starts out with a lawyer and his French girlfriend renting a small sailboat, for some relaxation and fishing. In one of the lighter moments in the film, the girlfriend catches a fish, and her boyfriend beats it to death with a wine bottle. After she comments that's disgusting, he replies, 'that's fishing babe' - I just thought that was pretty funny. :-)

Shortly after this, a storm starts brewing, so the couple decides to head inland, however with the tide now being lower than it was before, the couple ends up getting lost and ultimately getting stranded on an island, waiting for the tide to rise. By this time it has turned dark and it is now pouring rain, so the couple decides to seek shelter in an old farmhouse on the island. After searching the house and barn, they discover that there is no phone, and the barn is filled with marijuana [enough to put the owners away for 10 years, easy]

About this time, the owners of the house return home, to discover the intruders, and things rapidly deteriorate for the couple. I do not want to say anything further, so as not to give anything away - all I will tell you is, wait until you see what the woman does to one of the brothers and the father - whoa!

While this film is not as intense as it could have been, it is still worth watching [at least rent]

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